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An annual magazine and queer platform dedicated to the ideas, people and spaces that make Austin a place we can all be proud of.

Learn about Austin's unique queer culture.

Through curated resources, local commentary, and seasonal original reporting.

Make space for queer & trans futures in Texas.

Cultivate inclusive and safe spaces for Austin's LGBTQIA2+ communities to connect, create, and organize.


The Rise Times was born from a deep desire to create a loud and proud platform for LGBTQIA2+ voices and storytelling in Austin, Texas. We proudly center LGBTQIA2+ perspectives and underserved communities missing from mainstream journalism and media.


Let's make sure queer & trans voices in Texas are heard and that Austin's unique culture is celebrated. By supporting The Rise Times, you're not only helping share valuable local information and inspiring stories - you're supporting LGBTQIA2+ entrepreneurship and helping create jobs for our community.

Introducing Queer Friends ATX: A Community for LGBTQIA2+ Adults in Austin, TX

Building community and creating inclusive spaces - an interview with the Founders of Queer Friends ATX.

Explore LGBTQIA2+ Creativity at Local Markets

From handmade crafts and jewelry to tasty food and drinks, LGBTQIA2+ markets in Austin, TX offer a wide range of goods and services from talented creators.

LGBTQ+ Non-Profits in Austin, TX

You are not alone. These organizations exist to help you at all stages of your life. Browse community orgs that specifically serve LGBTQIA2+ individuals, as well as foundational resources from inclusive local non-profits that can aid in housing, food and more.

Local LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses in Austin, TX

You can easily find delicious restaurants and stylish clothing boutiques. These businesses not only provide a welcoming environment, but also support queer entrepreneurship and create jobs for members of the community.

Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride in Central Texas

From Austin to San Antonio to Waco, Central Texas is home to a number of vibrant and inclusive Pride festivals. These events provide opportunities for LGBTQIA2+ individuals and families to celebrate and connect.

Curious Queer: Sobriety & Self-Care

Exploring the intersection of sober-curiousity and the LGBTQIA2+ community. How to find joy and practice self-care through sobriety. Plus, some fun themed mocktail recipes to enjoy!

Supporting the Local Queer Economy in Austin, TX

In a state not always known for its progressive values, Austin stands out as a beacon of hope for the LGBTQ community. And what better way to show your support than by spending your hard-earned money at queer-owned businesses? From bookstores to boutiques, there are plenty of ways to shop queer in Austin.

The Importance of LGBTQIA2+-Owned Salons and Queer Cosmetologists in Austin, TX

Support queer entrepreneurship and help create safe and inclusive spaces for self-expression. LGBTQIA2+-owned salons and queer cosmetologists play a vital role in the local community. Find your new favorite spot.

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Flora & Fauna ( She / Her ) Custom made succulent gardens in upcycled vintage curios, featuring whimsical animals and darling doll parts.

Find dazzling pieces of glass art from local artist Nora.

Hip/Chic Salon in South Austin, Cut & Color Consultants, Extension Consultants. Also offering non-gendered cuts.