Queer Black Women Alliance

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A nonprofit providing a safe space for friendships & community; while supporting mental health wellness, entrepreneurship, and higher education.


Queer Black Women Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide a safe space for building healthy friendships and community, through social gatherings and community outreach. We promote mental health awareness by providing counseling resources and supporting queer black women in pursuing entrepreneurship and higher education.


Arijah Rashid is the founder of The Queer Black Women Alliance which originally started as a group chat to help queer black women build friendships and community in the Austin, Texas area. She is a navy veteran with seven years’ experience in executive, cyber security, and legislative administration. Advocacy has always held a special place in her heart as she served as a Suicide Prevention Advocate, Sexual Assault Prevention Advocate, and Multicultural Committee President at different duty stations during her military career. She is an aspiring criminal attorney and currently finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Government at The University of Texas at Austin. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, boxing, writing poetry, traveling, and binge-watching good television series. She is dedicated to fostering a safe space for queer black women and empowering them to become the best versions of themselves.
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8:00 pm
Cuatro Gato

NEW weekly variety show that uplifts Afro, Latinx culture, Queer, and GNC expression! Vibes, Food, and Drink specials.

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