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Sir Rat Leather & Gear

Created in Austin, hottest gear in town! You imagine, we will make it real. [Austin | Houston]

Ephrance Vintage

Curated 80s & 90s vintage with a bold statement!

Happy Impulse

Knot Your Abuela

Handmade with love.

Treasure City thrift

Treasure City is organized for solidarity not charity purposes, and/or educational or scientific purposes, including; - protecting the environment by transforming waste into resources which benefit our communities, - educating the public about alternative economic structures, - educating the public about zero waste, - providing community space for historically marginalized communities, - inspiring art and creativity, - making local and donated goods available and affordable for all people, - and providing support to other organizations to build a just and sustainable society

The Happy Hooker

The Happy Hooker is a specialty shop selling cute and colorful crochet clothing, home decor, gifts and accessories. Everything is handmade with love in Austin, TX.

LoneStar Queer

LGBTQ+ customer who wants to stand out, be heard, be proud and own their truth.

Package Menswear

Gender Thieves

Gender thieves believes that every person should have the freedom to choose the best garments that fits their personality, to express themselves relentlessly and unapologetically. Style is an extension of your inner self, so express it.