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Austin Gay Men's Chorus

Raising our voices in song to change minds, transform lives, and build community.

Ella’s Apothecary

Will send if accepted. I have a document on my computer. I’m on my phone now.

Hills & Holler

Come see some magical stationery, greeting cards, art prints, suncatcher sticker and so much more!

Ally Lea

original jewelry for everyBODY

Rise Market

Rise is a feel-good, human-first marketplace, and social commerce hub by and for LGBTQIA2+ creatives and small business owners. Shop, build community and create a world where we thrive — all on Rise.

The Rise Times

an annual magazine & queer creative space launching 2023 in Austin, TX


LOKA.HAUS designs and produces high-quality, sustainable apparel, jewelry, skincare, & perfume with a small-batch, luxury feel. Materials utilized are ethically sourced, naturally derived, or recycled. Our mission is to end fast fashion, provide luxury goods at an accessible level, and address + educate consumers on economic gender inequities, specifically in retail and business. Aside from our community blog, we give back to the community. 10% of sales monthly go back to a supported non-profit organization. We focus on women’s rights, pay equity, diversity, and sustainability.

Treasure City thrift

Treasure City is organized for solidarity not charity purposes, and/or educational or scientific purposes, including; - protecting the environment by transforming waste into resources which benefit our communities, - educating the public about alternative economic structures, - educating the public about zero waste, - providing community space for historically marginalized communities, - inspiring art and creativity, - making local and donated goods available and affordable for all people, - and providing support to other organizations to build a just and sustainable society

Amari at Elemint Skin

Holistic LE at Elemint Skin

Modern Alchemy

Modern Alchemy is spreading healing crystal energy far and wide through the creation of intuitively crafted pieces meant to Manifest Magic in all forms.


My shop is split sort of in two, with prints of personal works and apparel regarding immigration rights. 10% of every purchase regarding immigration is donated to a grassroots organization local to the area, and I always post proof of donation.