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Las Ofrendas

Las Ofrendas are intuitively crafted unique statement pieces that are designed with love, joy, and magic (just like you!). From flower crowns to jewelry and graphic design each piece invites you to take up space, and live your most emboldened life.

Sir Rat Leather & Gear

Created in Austin, hottest gear in town! You imagine, we will make it real. [Austin | Houston]

Ephrance Vintage

Curated 80s & 90s vintage with a bold statement!

Ally Lea

original jewelry for everyBODY


2spiritQueer focuses on bringing light to the issues present through intersectional existence, and implementing support toward various social justice movements.

desired objects

desired objects is handmade chainmail jewelry and accessories. each piece is made with stainless steel and aluminum which are tarnish resistant and can be worn in water. we also repurpose antique cracker jack charms and make custom pieces. each ring is linked by hand making each piece a labor of love.

Coco Coquette

Coco Coquette has been selling sumptuously styled wigs and wild cosmetics & accessories while throwing epic wig parties in Austin for nearly a decade!

Womxn On The Moon

Womxn on the Moon is an LGBTQ+ Afro-Latina owned business that focuses on handmade resin jewelry designs that feature natural stones.

Basil Moon

Basil Moon uses polymer clay to make handmade jewelry and accessories for the fun in everyone with inspiration from pastels and irregular shapes! They are constantly exploring and developing new visions to incorporate in their art.


My shop is split sort of in two, with prints of personal works and apparel regarding immigration rights. 10% of every purchase regarding immigration is donated to a grassroots organization local to the area, and I always post proof of donation.

LoneStar Queer

LGBTQ+ customer who wants to stand out, be heard, be proud and own their truth.

Package Menswear

Gender Thieves

Gender thieves believes that every person should have the freedom to choose the best garments that fits their personality, to express themselves relentlessly and unapologetically. Style is an extension of your inner self, so express it.