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Las Ofrendas

Las Ofrendas are intuitively crafted unique statement pieces that are designed with love, joy, and magic (just like you!). From flower crowns to jewelry and graphic design each piece invites you to take up space, and live your most emboldened life.

Bluebrows Handmade

Find dazzling pieces of glass art from local artist Nora.

Ella’s Apothecary

Will send if accepted. I have a document on my computer. I’m on my phone now.

Wild Meadow

Handmade apothecary, art, accessories, and decor

Hills & Holler

Come see some magical stationery, greeting cards, art prints, suncatcher sticker and so much more!

Ally Lea

original jewelry for everyBODY

Wabisabi Creationz

Graphics, photography, clothing, stickers & more.

Libertine + VB

I’m a Practicing Herbalist, Botanical Perfumer, Tarotist, product maker, and create immerse events that bring these elements together. My company (Libertine And Viriditas Botanicals) formulates holistic, botanically based beauty, personal care, and wellness products. I also blend a line of niche botanical fragrances, and aromatherapy blends which are inspired by spirit, mysticism, energetics, art, stories, places, and experiences. My specialty is in custom formulation and personalized services of all of the above for individuals, boutiques, and special events such as weddings and birthdays, openings etc. I also offer tarot readings and create aromatic and herbal blends and kits based on astrology, magic and readings for clients. I grow many of the ingredients I use in my products, as well as harvest, process, and formulate synergistically with the seasons, astrological and lunar correspondences. I distill some of my own essential oils, and hydrosols. I love the whole process, working with the plants directly as much as possible, in different ways. I’m particular about sourcing exceptionally high quality ingredients and packaging when outside of my own production. I work as locally as possible, and actively support companies who also have exceptional standards on quality, ethics, and health of people and the planet. I sometimes also offer classes and apprenticeships for people, which typically revolve around plants or mysticism in one form or another from facilitating organic gardening classes, to workshops on botanical perfume blending, product making and cosmetic chemistry, to aromatic distillation, and plant identification.

Flame Candle Company

▪️Consciously-Sourced Aromatherapy Products ▪️Intentionally Scented Soy Candles ▪️All The Good Without The Bad

Goddess Gatherings

Goddess Gatherings is about community and connection. I want to help you strengthen your connection to the Earth, your body and the divine through my tarot offerings and ritual items.

Flora and Fauna

Flora & Fauna ( She / Her ) Custom made succulent gardens in upcycled vintage curios, featuring whimsical animals and darling doll parts.

Corie's Ceramics

My shop includes everything from mugs to slugs and planters to berry bowls. I make it a point to make things across all price ranges so everyone can afford hand made pottery. I also offer custom work and mainly focus in pet portrait mugs and watercolour paintings.


2spiritQueer focuses on bringing light to the issues present through intersectional existence, and implementing support toward various social justice movements.

desired objects

desired objects is handmade chainmail jewelry and accessories. each piece is made with stainless steel and aluminum which are tarnish resistant and can be worn in water. we also repurpose antique cracker jack charms and make custom pieces. each ring is linked by hand making each piece a labor of love.


LOKA.HAUS designs and produces high-quality, sustainable apparel, jewelry, skincare, & perfume with a small-batch, luxury feel. Materials utilized are ethically sourced, naturally derived, or recycled. Our mission is to end fast fashion, provide luxury goods at an accessible level, and address + educate consumers on economic gender inequities, specifically in retail and business. Aside from our community blog, we give back to the community. 10% of sales monthly go back to a supported non-profit organization. We focus on women’s rights, pay equity, diversity, and sustainability.

Knot Your Abuela

Handmade with love.

Brown Arte

Iconic stickers and prints made just for you. From Hot Cheetos to Selena to Meg the Stallion, Brown Arte has it all.

Apothicc Studios

Candles + Art

Castle of Kindness

Castle of Kindness was created to share self care and self love rituals! Soaps, bath bombs, and more made with love and magic! All vegan and made in small homemade batches!

Fox & Brie

Handmade neckwear & accessories, specializing in neckties, bow ties, bandanas, and custom weddings. Ethically-sourced & vintage fabrics and inclusive sizing, so each piece is as unique as the wearer. Founded in 2010.

The Happy Hooker

The Happy Hooker is a specialty shop selling cute and colorful crochet clothing, home decor, gifts and accessories. Everything is handmade with love in Austin, TX.

Basil Moon

Basil Moon uses polymer clay to make handmade jewelry and accessories for the fun in everyone with inspiration from pastels and irregular shapes! They are constantly exploring and developing new visions to incorporate in their art.

Modern Alchemy

Modern Alchemy is spreading healing crystal energy far and wide through the creation of intuitively crafted pieces meant to Manifest Magic in all forms.


My shop is split sort of in two, with prints of personal works and apparel regarding immigration rights. 10% of every purchase regarding immigration is donated to a grassroots organization local to the area, and I always post proof of donation.

Designing With A & Z

Designing with A & Z is a woman and Latina owned shop full of her colorful, authentic, art inspired by themes of Woman leadership, equality, Hispanic heritage, and more. All items are handmade as well, offering high quality stickers, magnets, mugs and wholesale of the same items for local small vendors. Use code 2021 for 20% off entire purchase on her website.

Fern Preserves

Fern Preserves often takes inspiration from nature and vintage/Victorian aesthetics. We currently offer patches, t-shirts, hats, and masks! Most of the materials used in production are second-hand or dead stock. Everything is handmade and aims to offer vintage inspired pieces with special touches to the modern world!

Gender Thieves

Gender thieves believes that every person should have the freedom to choose the best garments that fits their personality, to express themselves relentlessly and unapologetically. Style is an extension of your inner self, so express it.

Electric Wood

Hand carved and painted decor 🌀