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Las Ofrendas

Las Ofrendas are intuitively crafted unique statement pieces that are designed with love, joy, and magic (just like you!). From flower crowns to jewelry and graphic design each piece invites you to take up space, and live your most emboldened life.

The Native Dream

Hand made jewelry inspired by fluidity, light, and flow.

The Flower Shop

BTS inspired accessories.

Ally Lea

original jewelry for everyBODY

desired objects

desired objects is handmade chainmail jewelry and accessories. each piece is made with stainless steel and aluminum which are tarnish resistant and can be worn in water. we also repurpose antique cracker jack charms and make custom pieces. each ring is linked by hand making each piece a labor of love.


LOKA.HAUS designs and produces high-quality, sustainable apparel, jewelry, skincare, & perfume with a small-batch, luxury feel. Materials utilized are ethically sourced, naturally derived, or recycled. Our mission is to end fast fashion, provide luxury goods at an accessible level, and address + educate consumers on economic gender inequities, specifically in retail and business. Aside from our community blog, we give back to the community. 10% of sales monthly go back to a supported non-profit organization. We focus on women’s rights, pay equity, diversity, and sustainability.

Drive Slow Drink Milk

Jewelry created from crystals, upcycled findings, & 3D printed pieces. Handmade fashion including crochet tops, hand dyed items, & restyled denim. Select crystals that have resonated with me on my journey to self discovery. “Drive slow, drink milk” started as a phrase my momma would say to me as I was leaving the house at night: a reminder to make good choices, be safe, & take care of myself. These are my wearable artworks that come from these #DriveSlowDrinkMilk moments of self care.

Womxn On The Moon

Womxn on the Moon is an LGBTQ+ Afro-Latina owned business that focuses on handmade resin jewelry designs that feature natural stones.

Basil Moon

Basil Moon uses polymer clay to make handmade jewelry and accessories for the fun in everyone with inspiration from pastels and irregular shapes! They are constantly exploring and developing new visions to incorporate in their art.

Modern Alchemy

Modern Alchemy is spreading healing crystal energy far and wide through the creation of intuitively crafted pieces meant to Manifest Magic in all forms.