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Libertine + VB

I’m a Practicing Herbalist, Botanical Perfumer, Tarotist, product maker, and create immerse events that bring these elements together. My company (Libertine And Viriditas Botanicals) formulates holistic, botanically based beauty, personal care, and wellness products. I also blend a line of niche botanical fragrances, and aromatherapy blends which are inspired by spirit, mysticism, energetics, art, stories, places, and experiences. My specialty is in custom formulation and personalized services of all of the above for individuals, boutiques, and special events such as weddings and birthdays, openings etc. I also offer tarot readings and create aromatic and herbal blends and kits based on astrology, magic and readings for clients. I grow many of the ingredients I use in my products, as well as harvest, process, and formulate synergistically with the seasons, astrological and lunar correspondences. I distill some of my own essential oils, and hydrosols. I love the whole process, working with the plants directly as much as possible, in different ways. I’m particular about sourcing exceptionally high quality ingredients and packaging when outside of my own production. I work as locally as possible, and actively support companies who also have exceptional standards on quality, ethics, and health of people and the planet. I sometimes also offer classes and apprenticeships for people, which typically revolve around plants or mysticism in one form or another from facilitating organic gardening classes, to workshops on botanical perfume blending, product making and cosmetic chemistry, to aromatic distillation, and plant identification.

Castle of Kindness

Castle of Kindness was created to share self care and self love rituals! Soaps, bath bombs, and more made with love and magic! All vegan and made in small homemade batches!