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Tawa Threads Co.

Tawa Threads is focused on initiatives that are creating safe space to support representations in the outdoors through healing spaces and leadership development. It’s easier to challenge stereotypes when you can experience challenges with people who look like you. Tabria efforts also include creating a physical space where individuals can share their outdoor history through a more representative lens. The exhibit will include history, artwork, photography, and docu-series from outdoor enthusiasts and activist who are paving the way for representation in the outdoors. She’ll be crowdfunding in a couple months so be sure to follow the Tawa Threads’ journey! Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.

Apothicc Studios

Candles + Art

The Happy Hooker

The Happy Hooker is a specialty shop selling cute and colorful crochet clothing, home decor, gifts and accessories. Everything is handmade with love in Austin, TX.