Issue 00

Jan 16

The Rise Times is a community platform amplifying LGBTQIA2+ voices & storytelling in Austin, Texas. We're IN DEVELOPMENT. Over the next year we'll work with a talented team of guest editors, writers and creatives to publish an annual journal that highlights the ideas, people and spaces that make Austin a place queer folks can be proud of.

Mar 13

Exploring the intersection of sober-curiousity and the LGBTQIA2+ community. How to find joy and practice self-care through sobriety. Plus, some fun themed mocktail recipes to enjoy!

Mar 6

In this Q&A with queer artist Robert Alvarez, we discuss the importance of identity and representation, the challenges of finding a sense of belonging in a rapidly changing city like Austin, and the power of art to inspire.

Mar 27

Align your shopping with The Universe. Go gay on every shopping adventure and support local queer makers and artisans in Austin, TX. Browse this growing destination to find your favorite queer brands and their astrological recommendations. Astrology is gay! And we love it!